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We’re Matthew & Gerrit, passionate leather enthusiasts and owners of Leatherskill. Our mission is to share our skills and teach anyone who is interested in learning how to create leather products. 

Leatherskill is a knowledge base with informative articles that teach you more about leather, including crafting, caring for, and cleaning.

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We love everything about leather! Get to know more about the creators of leatherskill.


Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief & Writer at leatherskill

Hey, I’m Matthew…

more information about me is coming soon.

…and I’m Gerrit!

Gerrit developed a passion for leather at a young age, after receiving a leather wallet from his uncle. He decided to pursue this interest by attending workshops to learn more about the craft. After years of study and practice, he began teaching others how to create and care for all types of leather articles.

In 2016, he started his own leatherworking group where fellow enthusiasts network and share knowledge. Several years later, he met Matthew in this group, who shared similar interests with him and they both founded leatherskill, with the goal of teaching others how to craft, clean, and care for their favorite leather products.

He believes that learning to work with leather can be a therapeutic and fulfilling experience, and hopes that by sharing his knowledge and skills, he can help others find the same joy and satisfaction that he has found in leatherworking.


Co-Founder, Researcher & Writer at leatherskill

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The content on our website is written by our team, which consists of leather crafters, writers, and editors.