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How To Store Leather Bags Correctly: Important Tips Revealed

It’s no secret that people love a good leather bag. As soon as there is mention of leather bags at a brunch or soirée, there is bound to be excited chatter. Even though many people own luxurious leather bags, they are unaware of the maintenance they require when it comes to storage. 

The best way to store your leather bag is to wipe off any type of dirt and dust, remove the contents, stuff your leather bag to retain its shape, place it into a dust bag, and lastly, store it in a closet or on a shelf. 

If leather bags are not stored properly, they may become dusty, form wrinkles, show discoloration, or even worse, grow mold. To avoid having to remove wrinkles and mold from leather bags, it’s simply best to just store them properly. 

Although many people use storage options that are common for regular bags, they should employ special care when it comes to leather bags. This is because leather is a material that is naturally porous and requires special maintenance for proper upkeep. 

This guide will help you learn how to store your favorite leather bag with simple and easy-to-understand steps. We’ll also share best practices for leather bag storage and what to avoid so that you’re able to use them for many years to come. 

1. Wipe Off Dirt & Dust from Your Leather Bag

Wiping and cleaning your leather bag is the first thing that you’ll need to take care of. A clean and dirt-free surface ensures that the pores of your leather aren’t blocked, allowing it to remain breathable in storage. 

Start by wiping the exterior of the leather bag with a lightly damp microfiber cloth. If you’re looking for a quick solution, we recommend giving the HandBagRescue Leather Wipes a try!

Any other leather-friendly wipes will do the trick, but you should avoid regular cleaning wipes, as they can damage the leather material of your bag. You can also use a dedicated leather cleaner (cream or gel) for a more effective clean. 

To remove more stubborn dirt marks, you can simply use a soft brush or a lint-free cloth. Treat your leather bag gently and don’t apply too much pressure when cleaning and brushing it. 

Important Notice: If your leather bag is made of suede or nubuck, you can use a dry brush to clean it. To remove stubborn stains, it’s best to use a dedicated nubuck and suede cleaner. 

2. Remove The Contents of Your Leather Bag

Once you’ve cleaned your bag from the outside, the next step is to clean it from the inside, after having removed all of its content. Start by removing all of the items that you’ve stored inside your leather bag. 

To do this, either remove them one by one if the items are fragile and if they aren’t you can also just simply turn your leather bag inside out. After you have access to the entire interior, you can use a lint roller to remove dust, particles, and debris from hard-to-reach areas. 

It’s important to stress that your leather bag should be completely clean before you put it into storage. This is because dirt and bacteria can quickly lead to mold and mildew on your leather bag, which is tricky to remove. 

Having your bag cleaned not only ensures that your bag is suitable for storage, but also that it can be used immediately after taking it out. Once you’ve completed this step, you’re ready to move to the next!

3. Stuff Your Leather Bag

Stuffing your leather bag is an additional step that we highly recommend. Doing this helps retain its shape and keeps it from developing wrinkles. We also have a dedicated guide on removing wrinkles from leather bags, if you weren’t able to implement this step previously. 

It’s best not to use regular items that you place into your leather bag for stuffing purposes, but instead use crumpled paper, bubble wrap, towels, or even a small pillow. We’ve also tried this method using old clothes or T-shirts, with great results. 

Stuffing your leather bag prevents it from collapsing in on itself and holds all of the leather components upright. This acts as great support and ensures that it retains its pristine shape while in storage. 

4. Put Your Leather Bag into a Dust Bag

Before you put your leather bag away for storage, we highly recommend placing it inside a dust bag. You can use any type of soft, breathable dust bag that is designed for leather bag storage. 

Dust bags will keep away dust and dirt from your leather bag while allowing it ample space to breathe. Alternatively, you could also use a neutral-colored cotton pillowcase to store your leather bag since it will allow your bag to breathe while preventing color transference. 

You should make sure to choose a dust bag or pillowcase that is large enough for your bag. After having tried both many times, we can confidently say that dust bags are best for leather bag storage. 

Important Notice: Make sure that you place your leather bag upright into the dust bag while ensuring that it’s evenly centered. Leave ample space so that the leather material of your bag can breathe. 

5. Place Your Leather Bag in a Closet or Shelf

The last step of the process is to place your leather bag inside a closet or onto a shelf. If you decide to store it inside a closet, ensure that it has ample space and that you regularly ventilate it. 

A storage shelf ensures a breathable environment, but in return is prone to collect more dust and exposure to the elements. Both options are suitable, so you should select a storage place according to your preference or what is available to you. 

Refrain from hanging your bags since it may cause the leather to stretch over time and can also exert stress on the strap and buckles. It’s also important to note that you should place your leather bag in a closet or on a shelf upright. 

It’s best not the store it sideways as it can affect its shape. We’ve included a guide that you can follow below, which shows you suitable storage environments and locations, and what places to avoid.

Choose an area that has the following features:

  • Clean
  • Dry
  • Well-ventilated
  • Shaded
  • Cool

The environments which you need to avoid for storage are:

  • Wet
  • Damp
  • Under direct sunlight
  • Humid
  • Warm
  • Enclosed spaces

The places to consider for storage are:

  • Drawers
  • Closet
  • A dedicated rack
  • A shelf in your wardrobe

Leather Bag Storage: Important Tips & Tricks

While the process of storing a leather bag is relatively easy to understand, it’s also important that you acquaint yourself with the most important tips and tricks, to prolong its lifespan.

The following tips and tricks that we’re sharing are designed so that leather material remains supple and free from damage while in storage.

Use Desiccants & Dehumidifiers

Desiccants and humidifiers can be used to control the humidity level of your storage space. If your storage space is too humid for the leather, you can place a desiccant inside your leather bag, the dust bag, or the closet, so that it can absorb any excess moisture.

You can also use a dehumidifier if you’re storing your leather bag on a shelf and if the room is too humid. This is especially recommended in tropical environments or if you live in places with high-temperature fluctuations. 

Maintain Your Leather Bag Regularly

You should periodically take your leather bag out of storage for cleaning and conditioning purposes. This can ensure that the leather of your bag remains supple and well protected.

You should also take your leather bag out from the dust bag and use a clean microfiber cloth to apply a leather-friendly conditioner.

Ventilate the Storage Location Regularly

It is important to ventilate your closet often to promote fresh air circulation. Closets are often enclosed spaces that restrict fresh air from entering. Simply open your closet doors for a short while every couple of days. 

Failing to do so may promote the growth of mold and mildew. If you’ve decided to store your leather bag on a shelf instead, then you can simply open your room windows once in a while.

Separate Your Leather Bag from Other Products

Ensure to keep your leather bag in a separate dust bag and not keep it in the same bag as your other leather bags. This method can prevent any chance of color transference or dye bonding. It can also reduce the chance of warping your leather items. 

If you’re storing more than one leather bag, then it’s best to place each into a separate dust bag. You can then store each one separately in your closet or on a shelf. Just remember to ventilate your storage spaces regularly and keep them out of direct sunlight

Don’t Fold Your Leather Bag

Folding your bag is the most detrimental thing you could do for your leather. Ensure that your bag is kept upright without any pressure on the handles or the bag itself. Please don’t stack your leather bags and leave a good amount of space between each bag. 

This will ensure that it remains crease and wrinkle-free so that it looks pristine after taking it out of storage and so that you’ll be able to use it for many years to come! Remember that this applies to all types of leather bags, such as leather purses, backpacks, pouches, and even sling bags.

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