how to use kiwi leather dye

How to Use The Kiwi Leather Dye in 6 Simple Steps

It is not uncommon for untreated leather shoes to become faded and dry out over time. The Kiwi Leather Dye is a leather-friendly product that can help restore the color and shine of your favorite leather shoes, as well as enhance their durability.

According to our tests, it works wonders for leather shoes that have not been conditioned or cleaned in a long time since this dye can instill a beautiful rich color and eliminate any light spots or streaks on your leather shoes. 

Although this leather dye comes with instructions for use, they may be too short for some, as they do not go into much detail.

This is why we have created this step-by-step guide to help you learn how to effectively use the Kiwi Leather Dye to give your favorite leather shoes their original color back and a polished shine!

1. Clean Your Leather Shoes

Before restoring the color of your leather shoes with this product, you need to ensure that they are completely clean and free from fine dust and dirt. Any grime or dirt on the surface can keep the dye from penetrating the leather properly and will lead to an uneven finish.

To clean your leather shoes, simply wipe them with a clean and dry cloth until no signs of impurity remain. If there are streaks or stains on your leather shoes, you can use saddle soap with a small amount of water to clean them.

Saddle soap is a natural leather-friendly cleaning product that can help eliminate all signs of dirt and impurities without compromising the quality of your leather shoes. Take a clean damp cloth or sponge and carefully rub some saddle soap on them.

Use small circular motions to rub away all dirt and grime with the saddle soap. Repeat this process until your shoes are completely clean. Wipe the excess saddle soap away with a slightly damp cloth and let your shoes dry completely before proceeding to the next step. 

2. Prepare the Kiwi Leather Dye

To prepare the Kiwi Leather Dye, you need to simply shake the bottle with the cap on to mix all the ingredients together before application. This will ensure the dying components are mixed into the formula for an even color application. 

After you’ve given the bottle a couple of shakes, remove the cap safely before you start applying the dye onto your leather shoes. 

3. Apply the Kiwi Leather Dye to Your Shoes

Once you are ready to apply the Kiwi Leather Dye, press the sponge applicator of the product directly onto the leather of the shoe. Pressing down the applicator will help you draw more dye from the container.

Therefore, ensure to apply even pressure as you work over the entire surface of your leather shoes. For excessively faded areas, apply multiple coats of the dye to ensure a uniform and beautiful finish. 

The Kiwi Leather Dye can be used on all leather parts of your leather shoes, especially on the vamp, toe box, backstay, and heel counter.

Important Notice: One of the most important things to ensure is that you’ve applied an even coat. Make sure to inspect all parts of your leather shoes during and after the application. 

4. Let Your Leather Shoes Dry

After you have dyed your leather shoes safely using the Kiwi Leather Dye, you need to allow them to dry completely before use. Not having them dry completely can cause smudges and marks, which may require you to redye your leather shoes again. 

Choose a clean and cool place to dry your leather shoes. Do not place them under direct sunlight and also do not use heat to quicken the process. Sunlight and heat only dry out the essential oils of the leather and can leave your leather shoes irreversibly damaged. 

The best places to dry your leather shoes are:

  • On a verandah
  • Near a door or window
  • Under a shaded porch
  • Near a fan
  • On the balcony

5. Keep the Applicator & Bottle

After you are finished applying the Kiwi Leather Dye, you need to store the product safely for the next use. If you do not store the remaining dye correctly, it may dry out after just a single use. 

This is why we have special storage recommendations to prolong the life of the Kiwi Leather Dye that prevent it from drying out. Once you are done with the dyeing process, rinse the sponge applicator with water until the dye on it washes out entirely. 

This will ensure that the dye does not dry on or stick to the sponge. Once the sponge applicator is completely clean, replace the applicator bottle cap to ensure that the sponge remains soft and pliable for future use.

Store the leftover dye in a cool and dry place (preferably at room temperature). Avoid areas that are humid, moist, and hot. 

6. Use A Shoe Polish (Optional)

If you want to further enhance the look of your leather shoes after dying them, you should apply a nourishing and leather-friendly shoe polish. This is an optional step but can be very beneficial for its durability and long-term appearance.

We recommend using the Kiwi Shoe Polish for the best results since it’s made by the same company, complements the Kiwi Leather Dye formula, and keeps your leather shoes looking healthy and shiny. 

Another benefit of using the Kiwi Shoe Polish is that it offers fantastic protection to your leather shoes, which means that you won’t have to redye your shoes as often as before. 

Moreover, regular application of this shoe polish can help you prevent light water damage and shield your leather shoes against everyday wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve included a section that answers some of the most frequently asked questions that were sent in by our readers. If you’d like to have your questions included, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to answer them. 

Do I Have To Use The Sponge Applicator?

While the Kiwi Leather Dye comes with a sponge applicator, you don’t have to use it. You may also use any type of microfiber cloth to get the job done. However, keep in mind that you may discolor your cloth and may need to discard it after the process. 

We’ve tried redying several leather shoes with the Kiwi Leather Dye and we find that the built-in applicator is the most effective way to use this product. 

How Long Does It Take To Apply the Kiwi Leather Dye?

A complete application of the Kiwi Leather Dye should take you about 10 to 20 minutes, excluding the drying time. If you’ve done this a couple of times before, you may only need about 5 to 10 minutes to redye your leather shoes using the Kiwi Leather Dye.

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