Can Armor All Be Used on Leather

Can Armor All Be Used on Leather? Find Out More!

Armor All is a popular brand featuring a line of specialized car care products that are effective for leather car interiors, leather upholstery, and even miscellaneous leather articles. 

Most of these multi-purpose cleaning products can be used safely without causing any discoloration and damage to the leather texture or its fiber structure. More specifically, the Armor All Leather Cleaning Gel, Leather Care Protectant, and Leather Care Wipes are only some of the most effective leather care products produced by Armor All.

Armor All products (such as gels and wipes) are safe to use on leather if you’re using their dedicated leather products. As they also produce a range of general cleaning products and supplies, you must use only leather-friendly Armor All wipes, sprays, and cleaning solutions. 

This is because their leather gels and wipes have been carefully formulated to match the pH level of leather so that dirt and other types of impurities are removed without causing any damage to it.

What Type of Armor All Products Can Be Used on Leather?

Armor All provides a range of different cleaning and conditioning products. However, if you plan to use them on leather, you should select one from their leather range. Their leather-friendly gels and wipes are designed to treat leather and are compatible with all types of leather products. 

Their range includes leather cleaning gels, care protectants, care sprays with beeswax, as well as treatment and cleaning wipes. These products are safe for use on leather and have the proper ingredients that help nourish it, at the same time reducing the risk of cracks and wrinkles.

Here’s a reference list of all Armor All cleaning, conditioning, and protectant products that are safe for use on leather articles. We’ve also made sure to share what these leather-friendly products are best used for and when to consider them.  

Armor All Leather Care Gel (Safe!)

The Armor All Leather Care Gel is designed to clean, condition, and protect your leather products. It cleanses the embedded dirt by penetrating the grain of the leather and conditions it to enhance its naturally beautiful appearance and supple feel. 

This gel can also help prevent damage caused by spills, stains, discoloration, and premature aging. With a wonderful refreshing smell, the Armor All Leather Care Gel is perfect for use on leather car interiors.

We’ve tested this product extensively and you’ll be able to read our full Armor All Leather Care Gel review where we cover its benefits, ingredients, application, and more! You can also check out our guide on how to use the Armor All Leather Care Gel to achieve the best results. 

Armor All Leather Care Wipes (Safe!)

Armor All Leather Care Wipes can be used to clean, condition, and protect your leather products on the go or tend to leather items that are comparatively more delicate.

The handy wipes can clean away the tough dirt and dust on your leather products and leave it nourished and conditioned. The wipes leave behind a protective layer that provides safety against damages caused by cracking, drying, premature aging, spills, and stains.

They contain effective and gentle leather cleaning agents that can help you clean your leather upholstery in a flash. Check out our comprehensive review on the Armor All Leather Care Wipes for more information on their benefits, ingredients, and application.

Armor All Leather Care Protectant (Safe!)

If your leather products lack that luxurious leather shine, you can use Armor All Leather Care Protectant to give them a striking glossy appeal and protection. Water, sun, and heat are some of the worst elements leather can be exposed to.

If you want to revive your leather’s natural beauty and protect it by giving it a rich and soft feel, this product is perfect for you. The Armor All Leather Care Protectant cleanses and conditions the leather as well before acting as a protective shield against heat, sun, and water damage.

Armor All Ceramic Leather Treatment & Cleaner (Safe!)

Armor All Ceramic Leather Treatment & Cleaner is formulated to be extremely safe for leather items. With SiO2-based technology and high-grade ingredients, this leather treatment and cleaner formula cleans leather surfaces deeply and provides an optimized hydrophobic protection layer to repel water.

This treatment spray also offers defense against tough stains and spills, as well as the harsh UV rays of the sun. Moreover, this spray is longer-lasting than your average leather cleaner and can keep your leather items protected for several months.

What Type of Leather Products Is Armor All Safe to Use On?

Armor All leather care products are safe to use on all kinds of leather products, although they are mainly advertised as auto care products. The Armor All Leather Cleaning Gel and the Armor All Ceramic Leather Treatment & Cleaner work amazingly on leather car interiors.

If you are rushing to meet your friends outside but notice a stain or spill on your leather jacket, you need a quick fix for the problem. In that situation, the Armor All Leather Care Wipes are very handy and can help you clean your leather jacket within a few minutes. 

However, they are also great for cleaning spills and stains on your car’s leather seats. You can also use these wipes on your leather home interiors or upholstery, even though they are marketed as car leather cleaning products. 

For any type of leather items that are frequently exposed to direct sunlight, no matter how much you try to protect them, you can use Armor All Leather Care Protectant or Ceramic Leather Treatment & Cleaner to keep them well protected.

Important Notice: Please note that you should not use any Armor All leather cleaning products for soft leather such as suede or nubuck, as they will not retain their soft texture afterward. For cleaning suede and nubuck, you’ll need to use a specialized cleaner that is compatible with softer leathers. 

How to Use Armor All Products Safely

Although Armor All leather care products are some of the most effective products on the market, you’ll need to use them correctly for maximum effectiveness. Using them safely will also ensure that you don’t damage your leather products in the long run. 

In the following section, we will guide you through several step-by-step processes on how you can safely use all types of leather-friendly Armor All products.

Armor All Leather Gels

Armor All leather gels have a high viscosity compared to sprays and wipes, which makes them good for cleaning leather products thoroughly, giving them a nice and even shine. 

  1. To clean your leather articles with Armor All leather gels, you need a lint-free clean cloth first.
  2. Shake the gel bottle well before applying the product directly onto the leather or the cloth.
  3. After the leather care gel has been applied evenly onto the complete surface area, allow it to seep into the leather for a few minutes.
  4. Wipe the excess product away using a dry and clean cloth from the surface.
  5. Let the leather dry completely before use.

Armor All Leather Wipes

Armor All leather wipes work well for quick clean-up situations such as spillages and scuff marks. These wipes are easy to apply and can be discarded after use. 

  1. To keep your leather products clean with Armor All leather wipes, tear off a wipe from the canister.
  2. Ensure to tightly close the canister to prevent the other wipes from drying out.
  3. Wipe the surface of the leather item you want to clean with one swipe.
  4. For tougher and more persistent stains, repeat the process until the surface is pristine.
  5. After the whole surface area has been cleaned with the leather wipes, discard the used leather wipe and leave the leather product to dry.

Armor All Leather Sprays

Armor All leather sprays are great for cleaning larger leather products or leather articles that have a certain design or functional features such as zips, folds, or stitches. Here’s how you can use Armor All leather sprays safely and effectively on your leather. 

  1. Shake your Armor All leather protectant or cleaning spray well before use.
  2. Ensure the leather surface is completely dry before use.
  3. Spray the protectant and cleaning spray lightly and evenly. Be careful to keep the spray about 4 to 6 inches away from the leather surface.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to firmly buff the product using circular motions with even pressure.
  5. After the spray has been buffed in and allowed to rest for a few minutes. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the excess product and set the formula.

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